Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Stanford Researchers: Reading Jane Austen “A Truly Valuable Exercise of People's Brains”

If you haven't read about it yet , click the link below and go! They've discovered Jane Austen is very good for our brain... Who doubted that? None of us Janeites, of course. Only now there's scientific evidence!


aurora said...

I am sure Jane would have been so proud. I am not surprised. This is really true, as you already know, dear Maria Grazia.
Have a wonderful day and upcoming weekend.

Maria Grazia said...

Thanksk a lot, Aurora. For your comment and for your wishes. Same to you.

mariam said...

I'm really surprised somehow that specificly our austen's book are good for our brain, not that I doubt !how could I!:) austen's book are not easy , I mean by that it is not the same english as now so we must mpay more attention and it so well written and funny!!